Human Resource

SUNGHOM pays great attention to staff training and development, we provides good participation opportunities to all. All employees make a concerted effort to advance the continuous progress and expansion of Greatwall Circuit. We dedicate our intelligence and energy to work together, and we share our success and the honors that it produces.


To provide employees with promotion and development opportunities, SUNGHOM Technoglogy provides irregular internal and external training for employees. Through the training, our staffs clear the pursuit goals and directions, fully display their talents, and strengthen the comprehensive quality and competitiveness. In addition, the training helps to enhance employees’ cohesion and sense of belonging so that they can work together to create a famous GW brand together.

Social Insurance

The Company covers social insurance for employees, including pension, work injury, and medical treatment as specified by the State.

Holidays with salary

All employees are entitled to such statutory holidays as:

  • New Year’s Day – 1 day
  • Spring Festival – 5 days
  • Tomb-Sweeping Day – 1 day
  • Dragon Boat Festival – 2 days
  • International Labor Day – 1 day
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – 1 day
  • National Day with salary – 3 days
Welfare and Remuneration

The working time is eight hours per day, and five days a week. The salary paid for overtime work in daily time is 1.5 times the basic salary, that for public holidays is twice the basic salary, and that for statutory holidays is three times the basic salary.

Development space for individuals

In order to motivate employees to fully display their talents according to their personal performance and the actual assessment of their performance, the company implements position transfer and promotion according to post vacancies and new posts, adjusts salary for staffs meeting requirements of assessment, and gives material and spiritual rewards to staffs making outstanding contributions according to relevant corporate assessment solutions.